There is a fundamental understanding that anyone in selling simply MUST grasp to be successful.

Prospects start the process of investigating who and what to buy based on their current situation.

They are triggered by a need, or want, that addresses something that they want to rectify, prevent or improve.

Prior to the tipping point in the sales process, the conversation is based on INTEREST.  The prospect is exploring all options available to solving their situation.

In the complex sale, the tipping point happens at HOW.

Thinking through the HOW, brings up all the failure of the past for the prospect.

How have they tackled this themselves in the past and failed?  What promises have others made, only to let them down?

People show INTEREST based on their current situation BUT … they make the commitment to buy from YOU based on their PAST.  

They are choosing you to give them INSURANCE that they won’t be let down by you or by themselves.

They want a promise made and risk reversed.

Every sale conversion is really an insurance policy.

We create insurance policies by showing them a HOW model – The Genius Model.  

What insurances do you use?