It was my birthday last week and my wife bought me something that is changing my life …

And whilst I knew I’d enjoy owning one, I completely underestimated the impact it would have on me!

It’s a simple watch – yet so much more!

It’s a Garmin … 

And it’s tracking my daily activities and gently reminding me if I’m falling behind with them …

How many steps I take, stairs I climb, how much water I drink, my heart-rate, my sleeping pattern, my respiration, how active I am, my stress level, my body battery.

It’s designed an exercise schedule for me and, if I’m in a potential emergency situation, alerts others.

And so much more!

And the effect of all those reminders with a gentle buzz on my wrist, is that I’m on top of them all … for the first time in a long time!

And feeling awesome!

Now, how amazing would it be if there was a Business Watch that tracked all those things in your business that you should always know … 

Your financials, your sales targets, your conversion, your team’s stress levels …

Then let you know when they were falling behind and constantly reminded you to do that little extra to hit your goal … and congratulated you when you did!

Now, wouldn’t that be cool!

What should you be more closely monitoring?

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