If you want to sell your complex product or service successfully, at the price it deserves, you MUST master two skills …

You must master “framing”.  All the true value is found in the ambiguity.  Where there is no ambiguity to resolve, your value simply becomes labour for hire.

Framing is the process of setting a contextual frame around what’s possible if they choose you.

Using visual models, automatically frames every conversation.

Secondly, you must master influence. The ability to get “in-flow” with the prospect and direct their flow in a different direction.

This is different to selling through ego, pressure, urgency or scarcity.

It’s selling through alignment and presence.

Visual models shift you from selling to facilitation … and facilitation is the skillset of influence.

When you master framing and influence, you become self-reliant in the sales conversation – powered by models. When either framing or influence are missing you end up relying on something you have less control over in the sales conversation.