I spent the afternoon yesterday with a not-for-profit foundation that works on the front line of child health …

It’s the front line because the bravest people in this battle for health are the children themselves.

Overwhelmingly, the people around these children come to recognise their courage whilst pitted up against what is often a serious and significant battle.

The health professionals are also in the thick of the battle to find better diagnosis techniques, treatments and preventative measures.

The Foundation plays a crucial role and what interested me is how that role can involve underwriting a level of risk.

R&D carries some risk, but without it, the battle cannot be won.  

All progress carries risk and often there is a resistance to step into a reasonable level of risk that might deliver a bigger result.

This risk averse nature keeps us playing small.

I’m not talking about stupid risk, but rather calculated risk that is worth pursuing.

Business is the same … there is no progress without risk.

Too many people want the wins, but aren’t comfortable with the risks involved.

Do everything you can to underwrite your risks and then step into the battle.

Compared to the kids battling for their health, business is easy!

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