“I get the value, but I just need to know the price?”

Ever heard that before?  Ever wondered how to handle it?  Ever been in the situation where you know, as you give them the price, that they don’t really understand the true value of what you do at all?

Everyone in business needs to be a master of framing.  Your ability to take the frame that your customer is looking through (let’s say the framing of price) and re-frame it to a different angle (let’s say the framing of timeless and valuable impact) so that you control the frame they are looking through, is a superpower of sales.

Sadly, too many salespeople don’t know how to either create or change the customer’s frame of reference.

We get too caught up in the detail.  

So, is there one frame that you absolutely MUST be able to control?

The answer of course is … yes.  You must be able to control the contextual frame.  The profound and transformational impact that your solution will have on the customer.  The deep and profound value and the meaningful outcome you deliver … that the customer didn’t even realise could be possible for them.  

And you need to be able to take the customer into that frame without pressure from you, resistance from them and without diminishing their own sense of self-esteem.

How do you do that?  Well, there is a formula for profound and it is the use of specifically designed visual models as the primary tool for sage-like communication.

If you sell a complex product or service, and you know that you’re under-selling the deep value of what you do, then I’m confident that finding a formula to express your profound and transformational value will elevate your selling more than any other sales tactic or strategy you might try.