For the past 6 weeks, Joanne, and I have been on an event and speaking tour of the US and Canada and were really looking forward to going home, however we went somewhere else first …

We sat in the front row at the National Achiever’s Congress in Sydney and spent 9 hours listening to Gary VaynerchukGrant CardoneKerwin Rae and others sharing their wisdom.  

An excellent event by Michael Lane and his team at Success Resources …

But, somebody messaged me on social media and asked why I chose to waste a day listening to people just pitching their programs.


Because while I didn’t actually buy anything, I listened intently and learnt so much!

So many little golden nuggets of wisdom over the whole day that has already changed the way we’ll do things in our business.

As Einstein said … once you stop learning, you start dying!

And that’s so true – how blessed I am that my father instilled such a strong sense of curiosity and wonder in me … I always want to know how things work and why.

Maslow was onto this when he developed his famous hierarchy of needs, with the desire to reach your fullest potential at the top of the pyramid.

So, let me ask, what are you learning at the moment, either personally or professionally, that is fuelling your creativity?