I’ll bet you’ve had the experience of feeling like you spend more time organising your key projects and following up on people, than actually doing the project and seeing the results …

There are so many systems and structures for project management these days, that it is really easy to end up spending more time on the administration of the project than you spend on getting the project done.

But you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t have time for a whole lot of project admin work … after all, you’re already onto your next big idea. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

The real key to project success is accuracy of thinking and accountability to action.  This is driven by leadership – project leadership is the critical lever.

But how can you lead really powerful projects in a simple yet sophisticated way?  Well you won’t be surprised to know that I have a models-based approach to project success.  Five core models that step you and your team through critical thinking – and on top of that, shortcut any conversations needed.  You get real clarity of thinking and communication … AT SPEED.

Speed really matters and there are five things you need to get at speed in any business improvement project:

Speed of thinking and clarity

Speed of communication and influence

Speed of action

Speed of accountability

Speed of results

The Models Method, models-based Entrepreneurs’s Micro-Project System, delivers these five speeds.