How Strong Is The Genius In Your Business Right Now?

Our definition of being in Genius is to hold the deepest impact you have on your customer at the heart of your business – with everything built in balance around delivering that impact. These five questions will help you discover if your business truly is in Genius.

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Five Key Questions To Ask And Answer:

  1. Does everyone in your business have a strong understanding of the deepest impact your product or service has on your customers, at levels of insight that even your customers find difficult to describe?
  2. Can you confidently articulate the three most important, tangible outcomes that your customers universally want to get as a result of your product or service?
  3. Can every customer facing person in your business, show any potential customer exactly how your business delivers those outcomes to them … in less than 7 minutes?
  4. Do you have a crystal clear understanding of the number one reason customers choose NOT to go ahead with your product or service?
  5. Do you have a visible and tangible way to reverse risk for your customers on this number one reason why they choose to NOT go ahead?
These are difficult questions, but the businesses that are in Genius do the thinking needed and go deep to put the customer powerfully at the centre of their business.
How strong is the Genius in your business?