Every sale is really the process of selling change. Your product or service will cause a change to your clients status quo in some way.

People respond to change differently, but there are three main postures:

Welcome the change – rush at it with open arms!

Absorb the change – accomodate it at a minimum viable level.

Resist the change – push back and avoid it.

Based on their prior experiences, your prospect will come to the sale process already in one of these postures.

If you sell something they really want, they will likely welcome the change.

If you sell something they need, it may be more along the lines of accomodating the change.

if you sell something that is driven by regulation, compliance or risk (for example insurance), they may well resist the change.

Your challenge is to be aware of how most of your prospects enter into the discussion with you and what level of change acceptance they usually have.

With that in mind, the sale is always better led from a frame of reference about what they want. Focus on that aspect of the change that they will rush at. Make that the leading edge of your sales conversation.

I’d love to know, what is the leading edge of your sales conversation?