How do entrepreneurs differ from everyone else and does that make them special or just plain crazy?

If we dilute the idea of work down to two things, effort and reward, there are two ways you can make that happen.

You work for someone who creates opportunities, you add value and get rewarded.

Or you create your own opportunities, you add value and get rewarded.

The difference may just be about control.

Control is greatest when we have full responsibility for the opportunities.  

We have less control when someone else creates the opportunities.

Greater control over opportunities often carries greater risk, with greater potential reward.  

Less control over opportunities may reduce the risk level, but it also reduces the reward level.

Neither of these are right or wrong, better or worse, they’re just different.

I think the important thing is to make sure that the path you choose is one that fits who you are as a person and what you want from life.

So maybe entrepreneurs are neither crazy nor special.  

Maybe they’re neither better or worse.  

Maybe they’re just different and on a different path.

Maybe the real challenge is to make sure you consciously choose a path and don’t just fall into one.

What path are you on?