Everybody wants to win at some level … we all want something a little (or even a lot) better than the average …

That desire to want something better than most, is a powerful dynamic to tap into to make selling easier.  Everybody wants to get a great deal, a better offer or a more desirable solution.

For a deal to be great or an offer to be better, it means that some deals have to be average and some have to be less than great – otherwise the idea of “great” doesn’t work.

To get a better offer, there has to be “worse offers”.

When any of us are in customer mode, we want to win as the customer – but when we are in sales mode, we want to win as the sales person.

This desire to win is interesting. At the same time, we are told to “keep our egos in check”,  our customers “win” if they buy from us and we are the best solution available. 

However, they don’t want to hear us tell them how much better we are than everyone else.  Nobody wants to buy OUR ego!

To successfully sell to this desire to win dynamic, you must demonstrate a solution that is conceptually superior to everything else available, in a completely ego-free way.  We call it Ego-Free Conceptual Superiority.