Everyone focuses on the sale to the customer – and that makes sense … it generates revenue – but there is a far more important sale that is easy to miss …

Every business leader has a single, most important sale to make EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The internal sale to the team.  Your team needs to buy what the business does, how the business chooses to show up and the identity the business claims in the market-place.

If the sales teams don’t buy it, they can’t sell it.

If the delivery teams don’t buy it, they can’t serve it.

If the administrative teams don’t buy it, they can’t support it.

The most important things a business leader can focus on are those things they can do something about – and the internal sale is one of them.

Recent Global CEO Pulse Surveys show that the sorts of things keeping CEOs awake at night include such things as geopolitical uncertainty, cyber threat, the pandemic, over-regulation and more.  Most of these are things we have little control over. 

But what we can do is make sure the teams in our business have bought the story of the business and are keen to share it and serve it.

In every team meeting, the first time you see staff everyday, in project meetings and in casual conversations, are you taking the opportunity to sell to your team.  To give them the opportunity to be proud of what the business does.  To let them feel like they’re part of a heroic quest.  To show them the wins and the impact of those wins on your clients.

As the primary leader, do you take every opportunity given to you, to sell to your team?  Do you make the most important sale of the day … everyday?