Your prospects can’t believe in your product or service more than you do … they also can’t believe in YOU more than you believe in THEM.

When it’s written in black and white, this seems obvious, but I have so many conversations with business founders and sales people about sales and how imposter syndrome creeps in when they’re selling.

Here’s the issue I often see – too many people are selling a product or service specification or description – rather than a profound transformation for the client, in the context of what you do.

To believe in you, your prospect needs to FEEL like you believe in them AND they need to FEEL like you have a powerful and proven FOUNDATION of wisdom and genius behind what you do.

When they feel these two things, everything changes.

When you create this foundation of wisdom and genius and have the conviction of your beliefs that your solution will work for that particular client, the purchase becomes the least difficult decision for them to make.