It’s easy to forgo a real discovery for the sake of a bit of extra speed …

It’s arrival day for MMT here in Cabo and bad weather cancelled our scheduled cruise.

So a few of us were sitting around at breakfast, some meeting for the first time.

I was in a conversation with two business partners of an international company that makes sunglasses and mobile phone cases out of biodegradable, plant-based material .

It was fascinating to get an insight on how they built their products for a specific demographic, the processes they go through and how they ship and market their products globally.

I had originally thought that I would go back to my room and get busy catching up on some work.

But instead I stayed and had this slower-paced conversation and it made me realise that often the speed we want to move at means we miss all these little pots of gold along the way, where one small insight or piece of information could be the hinge that swings open a really big door.

It was a fabulous conversation and it really kicked off the experience phenomenally well.

So, just slow down …

It’s okay not to be busy all the time and the true discovery most likely happens when we are going slower, thinking things through and really noticing what happens around us.

Do you agree?