A lot of people love the chance to barter in local markets when they travel. 

It is not unusual to pay as little as 50% or 60% of the initial cost of the item …

It seems crazy to those of us used to big, mall shopping, however it’s all part of the holiday experience.

Every time I see this, I wonder how the seller makes any money.

The reality is, they have a tangible product, with hard a cost …   and they know their numbers really well.

So, what’s the lesson here?

Those of us selling complex products or services, often have additional variables of cost and invested time that make the calculation of selling price a little more difficult.

So when our customers push back on price, we may not have a hard, bottom line and, to win the business, we substitute value for discount.

If your prospect said they loved your offer but only wanted to pay 75% of your asking price, would you do it?

Your selling price should be based on your VALUE to the market, not your cost of delivery.

It’s the customer’s job to ask for a better price …

It’s the seller’s job to defend value!

To sell at full price, we must help the customer feel better about the value we offer, more than they would about paying a discounted price.

So … how do you sell value?

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