It’s the deeper thinking you do BEFORE a conversation that allows you to handle anything that comes up DURING it!

So many businesses go to market without thinking through the sales conversation at a deep enough level.  

When people tell me that their market always pushes back on price, my response is, think deeper so you can handle that.

When people tell me that their customers often say “they can see the value, but now is not the right time for them” –  think deeper so you can handle that.

In short, when the response you get does not help to move the sale forward, think deeper so you can handle that.

The purpose of a model is firstly to help you think deeper than anyone else in your space, and then to help you express that deeper thinking in a simple and sophisticated way.

The problem is that thinking deeply takes time, it doesn’t yield an immediate return and there has been an over-emphasised focus on “being an action taker”.

I’d rather be a more effective thinker and an INTELLIGENT action taker.

Without thinking deeply BEFORE the sales conversation you rely on the “gift of the gab”, your ability to convert the prospect on the fly.

If you think deeply prior to the conversation, your confidence will increase and so will your conversion rate.

People often tell us that the work we do with the models is some of the deepest thinking they have done about their business … that’s deliberate.  We think this deeper thinking is the most important work we do.

In business you need to out-think, out-sell and out-serve your marketplace in order to standout – so I’d love to know, how do you go about taking your thinking to deeper levels?