Here’s what’s really going on under the surface when your prospect is in a sales process with you …

People are hard-wired for resistance. We have an automatic system for saying NO! 

At the same time, we have little wiring for acceptance – we have no automatic system to say YES!

In the sales process, the prospect has high-intensity resistance and low-intensity acceptance.

Conversion is the point in the process when the prospect’s resistance and acceptance curves flip over.

In the yellow area of the model, traditional sales techniques suggest a pressure-based approach to create conversion. The problem is, pressure pushes the curves further away from each other.

There is a faster way to flip the curves. When you put powerful, visual models in front of a prospect, their resistance and acceptances curves start to reverse almost immediately, without any pressure, as they get drawn into the models.

You get to shift from selling to facilitating AND have your conversion rate increase.