How strong is your core?

The human body needs a strong core for stability, balance, strength …and so does your business.

In your body, your core strength wraps around your centre of gravity and this core allows your body to react quickly to changes in motion and position.

In business the question might be “where is the core?”  We might also ask what the equivalent of the centre of gravity might be for business.

In business, the core must wrap around the CENTRE OF CLARITY.  The centre of clarity in your business allows you to react quickly to changes in momentum and positioning … whether that be in your marketing, sales or fulfilment.

So what is the centre of clarity?

It’s your company genius.  The unique and incontestable wisdom you bring to the marketplace.  The profound intelligence that you embed into your products and services.

Just like the core muscles wrap around the centre of gravity and make it a foundation for body strength, visual models that capture your company genius, wrap around that centre of clarity and act as a foundation for business strength.

If your familiar with my work with visual models, you’ll already know that your core models, and especially your Genius Model, will align your team, engage your customers, drive your service levels, inform your marketing and increase your sales.

How strong is the centre of clarity in your business?