Sales conversion is about so much more than just the rate at which you convert a prospect to a customer …

Conversion is a 3X dynamic.

Rate matters – out of every ten prospects, how many become customers?

Speed of conversion also really matters. How long is the sales cycle for a typical customer?

Lastly, what is the quality of the typical client and the price at which you made the sale?

But rate, speed and quality often compete – it’s hard to get all three.

If you lower price, you can often improve rate and speed.

If you have a longer sales cycle, you may get a higher price at a reasonable rate.

If you accept a lower conversion rate, you might still get speed and quality at reasonable levels.

To get all three, you really have two choices – which one you choose directly impacts the outcome.

You can sell with pressure – often resulting in post-sale resentment. 

Or you can sell with presence – be a Sage that the best clients what to work with, as soon as possible, at whatever the price the Sage wants to charge.

Using visual models in your sales process positions you as a Sage in astounding ways.