Why is the Genius Model such a disproportionately powerful, selling tool?

Firstly, if you don’t know what I’m referring to when I say “Genius Model” think about having a visual blueprint that you could walk through in just minutes, that lets your prospect actually SEE the deep and profound value of what you do – and know with certainty, that what you do works … and will also work for them.  THAT’S what the Genius Model does!

But why does it work so powerfully?

When you sell a complex product or service, you have a few things you need to help your prospect understand.

Firstly, you need to be able to show them ‘Conceptual Superiority.’  Proof that your solution is better than anything else they might be able to access.

Then you need to be able to demonstrate ‘Conceptual Stability.’  Your sales story must help them to feel certain about your solution.

At the same time as demonstrating conceptual stability, you must also let them see that your solution has Conceptual Flexibility that will allow it to adapt to their unique needs.

These three aspects of what you do – Conceptual Superiority, Conceptual Stability and Conceptual Flexibility – are on the Ultimate Sales Checklist.  Can you tick these boxes?  More importantly, would your clients tick these boxes based on their experience with you?