Please raise your hand if you have a complex sale to make, where the true genius of what you do needs explaining …

If I make this request when I’m speaking at a conference it is common for over 75% of the room to raise their hands. There’s a lot of complex sales to be made!

A sale is complex if you have to explain the deep value you offer for it to be fully appreciated, or if you have to unpack perspectives on the prospect’s side that are stopping the sale.

So, here’s a truth about selling – you can’t sell complexity with more complexity. It will overwhelm them – and an overwhelmed prospect will just walk away.

You also can’t make the complex sale using pressure. Your prospect is already under pressure – you shouldn’t become another source of pressure confronting them.

Finally, you can’t close the complex sale just through the force of your own ego and self-confidence. The buyer needs to see something more concrete and tangible.