Your customer is NOT buying in a vacuum …so you can’t afford to sell in a vacuum!

There may be exceptions, but in almost every sale imaginable, your prospect is not looking at what you’re offering in a vacuum.

Their consideration process is full of other competitive distractions …

What else could I do with the money, other than solve this problem?

Who else should I be considering, who may solve this problem faster, easier and cheaper than you?

Do I need high quality and more expensive, or will quick and dirty actually do?

What other types of solutions (concepts) exist besides your approach?

What would it really actually cost me if I just don’t bother solving this problem?

If I solve this problem, will that expose more problems that will need me to spend more money to resolve?

You get the point.

When you sell a complex product or service, it is critical that you displace all the other distractions with the power and value of what you’re offering.

You can’t easily ask for a premium on what you sell, if at first you can’t diminish all other distractions with your offer.

Selling is NOT just about expressing value, it is also about demonstrating the compelling competitive advantage, over all other considerations, that your client will accrue as a result of buying what you offer.

Think of this as competitive displacement.

We use a whole host of models we’ve created to tell the competitive displacement story – The Bell Curve Price Model, The Cost Of Inaction Model, The PreFrame Model, The Value Iceberg, The Futures Model, The Market Comparison Matrix, The Context Model …

What’s your go to tool to create competitive displacement?