Your sales team may not have a problem selling … they may have a problem believing!


If we boil selling down to its most basic form, it is a process of one person convincing another person that something is valuable. 


To be successful, the convincer must be fully committed to the story they’re selling … and that’s where the major problem hides.


We could argue there are three levels of commitment. 


They don’t REALLY believe in the value and are not fully committed.


They think the value is OKAY and are mostly committed … UNTIL the buyer pushes back.


They BELIEVE the value is incontestable and take responsibility to make sure the buyer see’s that too.


Unfortunately many companies have put great energy into articulating and sharing the Vision with the team, but it maybe even more important for the sales person to buy into the unique, profound, trustworthy genius of the company that the product or service is built on.


Too often that genius has not been fully explored with the team, let alone captured and articulated in a way that everyone can understand it and explain it.


Imagine a model that did just that … a Genius Model® that allowed your team to believe in the company at a deep level.


What might that do for your sales?