The drumbeat of business success is communication …

Success isn’t initially a function of how good your product or service is – it’s really a function of how well you communicate how good it is.

So much of a customer’s reality is based on their perception of what is going on and, despite the commitment you have to serving them and the quality of the solution you put in front of them, your prospects initially judge you by how well you communicate.  That judgement shapes their perception and then you’re in the game of either reinforcing a positive perception or changing a negative one.

Their perception is their reality!

Remember the movie the Kings Speech, when the King of England suffered from a severe stutter.  No matter how intelligent, committed or capable he was, he was initially judged by his stutter-based challenge with communication and for some that meant he was seen as a bit weak.

Your communication enters the customer’s buying experience long before the value you deliver or even the reputation you have.

There’s no escaping it … to be successful in business, you have to be an elite level communicator and the new vocabulary of elite level communication is visual models.