Is there one thing that is more important than anything else when it comes to closing a sale?

I’d be pretty bold to suggest that there is just ONE thing … but here I go anyway!

Every sale is an attempt to communicate to your prospect that using your solution is the best decision they could possibly make, compared to any other options or alternatives available to them.

Everything about the sales process is aiming towards that one realisation by your prospect that spending money on you is the VERY BEST USE of that money that they could possibly make right now.

So, what is the ONE thing that is more important than anything else in closing a sale?


When we can create certainty in the prospects mind, that solving the problem or addressing the need that you help with is the top priority for them right now AND we create certainty that we can do that for them, sales techniques and strategies become less necessary.

We all want to find the newest sales techniques and tactics, but if you put all that aside, and really double down on creating this level of certainty in your prospects minds, the sales will occur.

So the question is, how do YOU go about creating that certainty of priority and result in what you sell?