“I’ve never seen anything like this … this is brilliant!”

Imagine having a seasoned, maybe even a slightly cynical, marketing expert look at your expression of value and saying that to you.  To realise that you have such a powerful way of showing people the value of what you do, that it even impresses people who create messages like that for a living.

That’s exactly what recently happened to Kelly, a recent graduate of our Create My Models Program.

Kelly sells to government agencies – a typically dry and “procurement system” driven marketplace.  Kelly did the work and unpacked her company genius into models and then used her models to create a “Capability Statement” – a very short, on-paper expression of value that lets the prospect have complete confidence that YOU are the solution for them and that your solution WILL work.

In Kelly’s own words – “Before Models Method, I had a hard time showing people what we did without ‘telling them to death’, which of course loses sales.  With the Models Method, I’m able to leverage different technology and different lead gen to get customers and easily show them what we do and secure more contracts.  Couldn’t do it as easily without the Models Method … and it is only up from here!”

Are you ‘telling your prospects to death?’  How quickly could you capture your deep and profound company genius into a simple Capability Statement that gives the prospect complete confidence in you?