What BS are you offering your clients during your sales process?


Now, before you get worked up over the question, I should define what I mean by BS. I have no doubt you offer an incredibly valuable product or service and there is definitely no mistruths of the BS kind in your sales process.


The BS I am talking about is … BUYER SAFETY.


Resistance in the sales process often stems from the buyer feeling like they’re under pressure or feeling at risk. This is usually associated with the steps in the process where they are in direct conversation with another person.


People create pressure in the sale … not process!


If you can make the buyer feel safe all the way through the process and reduce all pressure, they are emotionally released to participate in the process more fully. That will allow them to opt in more quickly. 


Buyer safety also has an unexpected by-product … seller safety!


When the buyer feels safe in the process, so does the seller, and when the seller feels safe, they operate more freely and often even display lower levels of imposter syndrome or fear of rejection.


So, is buyer safety the higher value that drives your sales process?


Why not put some BS in your sales process today and give it a try!