What do you think … is this a good time for sales or not?  Some companies are doing very well, and many are not, so is it a good market or bad?

Whatever your situation, it’s fair to say that these are uncertain times and sales can become equally uncertain in such times.

So, first question …  how can you stabilise your sales during uncertain times?

The answer is really the same as it is for stabilising sales in times of greater certainty – DIFFERENTIATE from ALL other options your prospects might be considering spending their money on.

Nothing remarkable in that statement; every business owner gets that!

It’s the next question that matters …

How can you differentiate, powerfully in your space, so that you become your prospects’ only logical choice?

There are many moves you could make to differentiate at this level. However, one move is so fundamental and foundational that if you don’t do this one thing, everything else you do will probably fail.

That one thing … make your prospects safer with you than they would be without you!

That makes you DIFFERENT!  That safety difference allows you to explore the value opportunities that then differentiate you!

Sell in a way that lets them know that buying from you is the safest thing for them to do.  

In times of uncertainty, your first and most important agenda is to attend to the safety of your customers.  

We call it BUYER SAFETY, and it is a central principle in using visual models to sell with greater certainty, especially during times of great uncertainty!