Every business owner wants certainty!  Certainty allows you to make decisions, invest, employ … be confident!

Business certainty also allows your business to continue to make the contribution you really want it to make over the long term.

Business certainty is also critical if you want your business to be part of your personal legacy.

Yet business certainty seems to be so elusive …

If I’m forced to, I could simplify business down to three things, and it sounds a little like the TV show Survivor.

Business is really about out-thinking out-selling and out-serving the rest of the marketplace.

Basically, offering a better solution, influencing more successfully and delivering the promise more effectively.

Of these three, the ONE thing that can truly offer business certainty is to out-sell the market.

In 2023, the most important strategic move you could make is to focus on your selling and take it to a higher level than ever before.  The question of course is how might you do that?