How big is the promise you make during the sales conversation?

Salespeople are often cautious about making promises in the sales conversation – and if the sales people aren’t cautious about it, there are usually other people in the business who are … fulfilment teams, compliance teams, project and deployment teams and so on.

There is often a fear about making any sort of commitment that sounds like a guarantee.

I’ve even had clients tell me that they CAN’T guarantee what they do!

Well, why should anyone buy from you?

Clients are buying your product or service to reduce the ambiguity of their situation, reduce the likelihood of failure, create a sense of certainty around a problem they’re trying to solve.

If we can’t create certainty, clarity and confidence then maybe we shouldn’t be in the business at all!

Now that doesn’t mean things don’t sometimes go wrong, we’re all human, but we should still be willing to stand up for what we do AT A LEVEL OF COMMITMENT THAT IS HIGHER THAN THE LEVEL OF TRUST REQUIRED FROM THE PROSPECT, FOR THEM TO BUY FROM US!

Here’s the problem, if you aren’t willing to take a stand on what you do, why should the prospect take a stand on it and commit their money to buying from you?

Every time a customer pays for a product or service, they are taking a stand on that product or service.  They are basically saying that they believe this is the very best use of that portion of their money, AHEAD OF EVERY OTHER PRIORITY THEY COULD HAVE SPENT IT ON!

Are all the teams in your business completely aligned on what you promise to your clients?  Are they all completely committed to delivering on that promise?  Is the promise big enough to make the prospect want to invest in you?