If you want to win during the remainder of 2022 and throughout 2023 you must sharpen your sales narrative …

Remember the story about the old woodchopper watching a young woodchopper working fast, slaving away at the trees, but also getting tired and frustrated.  All the while the old woodchopper would cut down a tree, then sharpen his blade.  He’d cut down another tree … and then sharpen his blade.

The young woodchopper asked the old woodchopper why he stopped after every tree.  Why didn’t he work harder.

The old woodchopper then went on the explain that chopping down trees wasn’t about brute force and speed.  It is all about having a sharp axe and good technique!

The same is true for sales.

How sharp is your axe?  How sharp is your sales narrative?  Have you crafted it, honed it, sharpened it?

Will it flip your prospects’ paradigm in a second? Does it have powerful punchlines that collapse their false beliefs?  Does your narrative SHOW the prospect the power of what you do?  Does your narrative give you strength and confidence? Have you refined your technique as you deliver the narrative?

In our world, your sales axe are the psychologically powerful visual models we create to express your deep and profound value, in ways that your prospects don’t experience from any other sales people.  Then the technique is the choreography we wrap around the delivery of these models.

To be successful you need to sell in a way that is different and better than your competitors – no matter how many people you have in your sales team and the differences in how they all sell.  You need a sales narrative and frameworks for selling that holds that together for you.

That’s why we create the Models-Based Selling System.

As we head into the end of the year, I wonder, how much better and different is the way you sell from your nearest three competitors?