So many people in business make the fatal mistake of starting with action to create success …

Let’s visit a throw back to the wisdom of Jim Rohn with a simple continuum model for business owners

Let’s say the reason we’re in business is to craft a style of life that we’re proud of, find meaning in and derive enjoyment from.

The business success we create allows us to fund, live and leverage that lifestyle. In short we need strong business results to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle.

The mantra of business results is often around action – “be an action taker …” and this is where a lot of people start from.

Jim Rohn challenged that notion. His insights challenge us to go back further. If you’re not happy with your business results, look at your actions. If you’re not pleased with your actions, look at your attitude. If your attitude isn’t what you’d like to see in yourself, check in on your philosophy.

And if I asked you right now what your philosophy was around a number of dimensions of business success – sales, value creation, contribution, resilience, leadership, money … and more, could you tell me, with real clarity, what you truly believed to be true and what you believe to be important in these dimensions?