A question for you … is it possible to be too helpful, or share too much information during the sale?  

Is there a better way to sell in today’s more cynical, busier, higher-pressure world?

Of course, the answer is yes!  Too much of anything is a problem.  

But what IS the alternative to being a helper in the sales process … almost carrying the customer through the process with white gloves?

Or being a sharer … dropping so much information and data on the table to inform the customer’s decision.

I believe there IS a different positioning.  It’s counter-intuitive, yet incredibly powerful.  Gartner Research refers to this alternative positioning as “sense-making”… sitting side by side with the customer to make sense of the decision they’re trying to make.  It means being on their side of the table, walking through the purchase process with them, rather than delivering a sales process to them.

But that takes some real skill to achieve.  Can it be accelerated, or made simple?

I believe it can and I call it “modelling”. When you visually model the problem with the customer and help them walk through a visual blueprint for the brain, you’re helping them pull all the pieces together in one, cohesive picture of what is really going on.

When you help them to understand the model, they start to judge everyone else by that model.  Of course, the model that everyone is judged by is YOUR model.  This instantly positions you at the top of the market.

Using visual models in how you sell accelerates conversion, elevates your position and reduces the reliance on pressure in the sales process.