“They only buy on price.”

“No one wants to take the time to fully explore what we offer.”

“Why can’t they see the true value of what we do?”

These are common things I often hear sales people saying about their customers.  The problem is, when I hear someone saying this it is usually delivered with a sense of resignation … as if that is just the way it is.

The customer is playing the customer game and that game is to reduce your value as much as they can to get what you do at a lower price.  If they can commoditise you, lower the perception of value, compare you with others or push you to get to the price quickly, there is a fair chance they can push to a lower price.

Your game should be to slow things down, dig deep into profound value, separate from the rest of the competition and let your prospect SEE and APPRECIATE the real value.

It’s hard to ignore what we see, and that is one of the superpowers that you get when you sell through models.

You can let the customer see your value in action through the model and get a sense of confidence that the blueprint they are seeing will work.

So here’s the big question, are you going to play the customer’s game or the seller’s game?

An even better question might be “how can I let the customer play the game they want to play and still play the game I need to play, without creating pressure or conflict?”

The answer is to sell through powerful visual models.