Let me ask you a pretty simple question …

Who do you turn to for insightful business wisdom, honest feedback or just simple support to let you know you’re on the right track?  I don’t know who it is for you, but I do know this …

As you read that, I’m almost certain that you would have immediately understood the power of having that person in your world.

So, the real question is – do you fill that void for your clients? Are you their Sage, in the context of what you do for them? Do they see you as a source of wisdom, challenge and support?

There’s a huge difference between providing clients with solutions-based value versus being their Sage … and of course, there is much greater reward available to you if they see you as their Sage.

The Sage shows up differently, communicates differently and seems to be playing an entirely different game at an entirely different level.

I created the Genius Model® and developed the Models Method®, as a system for thinking and influence that lets you show up as the Incontestable Sage in your market.

Visual models, delivered with the right choreography, really are that powerful.

Do you need your OWN bespoke “sage-like” models?