Here’s an interesting mental game to play …

Imagine that your perfect prospect is looking at three alternatives to solve their problem, and your solution is one of them.

They’re trying to make the decision on which one to choose and they will definitely choose one within the next hour.

In front of them is the critical information about each of the three options.  That information consists of the one big aspirational promise each solution makes to the customer and the top three tangible outcomes that each solution creates for the customer.

For each of the three outcomes the information tells the customer what will be achieved for them if they choose that particular solution.

No one will be able to talk to the prospect.  There will not be a sales conversation and they cannot get any further information than what is in front of them.

My challenge question to you is this …

“What would your big aspirational promise be and what would the three tangible outcomes be, along with the commitment to what will be achieved for the customer?

Your information can be presented in any media you like … you just can’t have an in-person conversation with the customer.

What messages would you share and how would you share them?