If you have people working for you, even if it’s just one person, you need to read on …

So many surveys and studies keep telling us that employees desperately want it, it doesn’t cost a single cent to do, the benefits are huge when implemented … yet most managers fail to do it.

It’s the simple act of telling a person that they’ve done a great job.

To let them know that you’ve noticed what they’re doing and that you would like to acknowledge their good work.

Appreciation is a basic human need, in and out of the workplace, and employees respond positively because it confirms that their work is being valued and that what they do matters.

It doesn’t need to be a formal “Employee of the Month” initiative …

It’s as simple as going out of your way to give them a “pat on the back” and a thank you.

Whilst we often thank our newest team member, KJ, and the terrific work she does for us on a daily basis, today I’d like to do so publicly!

She’s only been with the Models Method for a few months however she constantly strives to make what we do a better experience for us and our clients.

So, thank you KJ!

When did you last genuinely recognise a member of YOUR team?

Make it something you do EVERY day … starting today … and just watch what happens!