How reliable, predictable and proven is your standard sales conversation?

A sales conversation should be like a great ad … tested, structured and successful.  It should move the prospect forward in the process, just like a great ad.  It must create a spirit of curiosity, tension that the prospect wants to resolve and a desire to resolve that tension with you.

Yet, so many salespeople just drop into the sales conversation by shooting from the hip … and eventually that becomes their pattern, whether it is proven to work or not. 

Sales conversations should be much more considered than that.

Like great ads, a great sales conversation has a HEADLINE – an opening that probes, provokes and promises.

It will have a SUB-HEAD that creates connection and context that drives trust and desire.

It should use a VISUAL ELEMENT that lets the prospect SEE the value and “try it on” – we use powerful visual models to do that.

Instead of the COPY in an ad, the sales conversation should be CHOREOGRAPHED so both the promise and the risk reversal for the prospect are compelling and completely self-evident.

Lastly, it should have a CALL TO ACTION that outlines a “no-brainer” easy to do next step. 

Imagine having a simple checklist next to you as you run the sales conversation:



Visual Device


Call To Action

And you check it off as you go.  How much more effective would the sales conversation be?