A great business is always built on people and impact …

If we want a great business, customers need to know that our product or service will make a deep difference to them.

We also need our team to believe that what the business does, is important to the customer.

They need to understand that even the smallest things they do can make a big difference.

Once, when I was working with a national fast food chain, I found out about a young, recently-widowed father with two small boys who went through the drive through every Friday night.

He knew it wasn’t the healthiest food, but whilst dealing with the loss of his wife, it was all he could do to get to the end of the week and get his boys something for dinner that was sort of okay.

For weeks this went on, and as the sixteen year old girl who normally worked that shift got to know them and found out their story, she befriended the boys.

No matter what the father ordered, she would package up the healthiest food they had for the two boys and told them it was their “special meal.”

She was kind and completely non-judgemental.

After a couple of months, the father wrote a heartfelt letter to the store manager saying how he and the boys looked forward to that drive through every Friday, just because she cared, and it made their loss just a little easier to bear.

At only 16, she showed genuine care and concern and, by her actions and without even realising it, made sure that the product and service the company delivered mattered.

Does the world believe that who you are and what you do matters?

And, more importantly, are you and your team making sure that it actually does?