Every copywriter understands the power of their “swipe file” – the collection of the best ads ever written that they or others have created.  

These will be ads judged by results … which means sales!  When we think of the great copywriters like David Ogilvy,  Dan Kennedy, Ted Nichols, Jay Abraham, Frank Kern or Gary Halbert, we know that all of them had a formula they followed … and the formula works.

Now, I’m into patterns and structures.  Pattern recognition is simply the process of codifying the successful experiences of others into repeatable sequences.

So I wondered what the structure of a great ad might be and could that structure be adopted to drive the framework for a high-converting, sales conversation.

The answer is yes!

There should be a headline in the sales conversation.  There should be sub-heads and short paths and long paths.

The sales conversation should reduce friction, not increase it and the sales conversation should narrow the buyer towards the right solution for them.

Just like great ads, the sales conversation is a framework of influence and it definitely has patterns and structures that can be followed.