If I told you it was possible to increase your fee by 266% with just one strategy, would you want to know how to do it?

That is what happened to a client recently who worked with us to build their suite of visual models to express their deep and profound value.  

My client, let’s call him Mel, is a gifted speaker and has enjoyed being able to charge a speaking fee for his presentation … even though his presentations are really done to market him to prospective clients.  

Mel joined our “Create My Models Program” and turned his hidden and transformational value into powerful visual models, that can be explained in just minutes, to immediately shift the prospect’s paradigms of value in his favor.

Since building his models and packaging his genius into these powerful frameworks, his speaking fee has gone up to around $20,000 per keynote.  The market is paying 266% more for his message, simply because he has a clearer, more compelling and more visual way of sharing it.

What would it do for your business if just your marketing message alone was so valuable that the marketplace was prepared to spend 266% more REAL money to hear it?

The price you charge has just as much to do with HOW you communicate as it does with WHAT you communicate.

So why not do a self audit today – is your marketing message alone worth people spending real money on, even before they get your product or service?