One of my favourite 1:1 clients said something quite astounding recently …

He told me that he has great sales and marketing teams and that he’s a member of some terrific business groups … but just felt SOMETHING was missing.

He’s been looking, but wasn’t sure what it was, where to find it … or even, how to articulate it.

Then, as we worked through the development of his core models, he shared with me that for all these years, he knew his business did great work, BUT so much of the brilliance of what they did was held inside the “intuition” of the business.

Everyone INSIDE the business knew how good they were, and they knew what pockets of brilliance they delivered to their customer- the problem was, the prospects had no way of piecing that all together – easily and quickly.

In my Masterclass last week, I was addressing this very thing.  The powerful shift that happens in your selling when you pull all of your brilliance into a single, unified and integrated framework of genius … we call it a Genius Model.

In the Masterclass, I unpacked this much further and explored just how powerful a central, organised framework of thinking can be in helping to reverse your prospects’ resistance and acceptance curves … and move them to the point of conversion faster.