How do you get a 340% return on investment and effort from your sales approach?

A memory came up on Facebook for me today that reflected on a post I shared, where I walked through how one of my clients realised a 340% return on the investment they made from creating their own visual, sales model … specifically their Genius Model.

So how did that happen?  Well, put bluntly, they took action!

We built their Genius Model on a Tuesday and they emailed me two days later, to tell me that they had put their model in front of a prospect to sell them their complex solution for personal improvement.  

My client wanted a way to express their compelling and self evident value, so the prospect could get it straight away.  That’s the whole point of any visual model, and specifically, the Genius Model.

My client’s prospect was so impressed with the model, and how they approached their work through the model, that he also asked her to speak with another member of his family … who also bought her service.  A double close!

That one sale represented a 340% return on the investment they made to build their models.

So, why are models so powerful and why do they convert so easily?

One key aspect of a powerful visual sales model is that it turns the entire conversation into a visual representation of your genius … they don’t just hear it, they also see it.

Here’s the thing, you can’t just tell people about what you do – you need to put your Genius on show!

As we speak to a prospect, they’re turning our stream of words into a picture in their head, their own mental model of what they think we’re talking about.

In the complex sale, don’t ever leave the verbal to visual translation to the client … plant the visual model in their minds that you want them to have.

In school the teacher never ran just a “tell” session … it was always a “show and tell” session.

Make your selling a show and tell process, build yourself a potent model that explains the profound, transformational and timeless value of what you do, deliver it with great choreography and amazing things will happen.