I keep hearing people saying things like “Did anything really change with the New Year, or is this just a continuation of more of 2020?”

In 2021, the sales challenge is going to be all about cutting through the current information overload we’re all experiencing.

Your sales success will come down to how well you communicate rather than how good your product or service is.

So, what might one suggestion be for improved sales communication in 2021?

Use well-designed, visual models to simplify even the most complex concepts.

Shift from the ambiguity of words only, to the power of deeply profound, yet visually simple, models that act as a blueprint for the brain.

Models do two things …

They clarify your thinking and force you into a structured expression of your value.

And they give the buyer a framework to hold onto rather than being hit with a stream of words.

In the moment they buy your blueprint, they buy your idea or product.

Never underestimate the power of a great model!