If you spent just 20 minutes with someone, what critical insights would they need to share with you, for you to say “that was the most important 20 minutes I spent this week!”

20 minutes is not really a lot of time, yet it really is all the time you need to completely shift someone’s understanding about something.  Truth is, you can shift another person’s understanding about something, in as little as three minutes, if you know how to do it.

You need a minute to “hug” them and make them safe, a minute to challenge them on their current paradigm and a minute to share a new paradigm that will elevate them. 

Use that little formula and you’ll be amazed at how powerfully you can expand another person’s view.

Unfortunately, many people do the opposite … confront, tell and then diminish.

Think about how the formula I shared would work if that became the hard-wired pattern of your marketing and selling.

That simple, three-part formula contains the two fundamental needs every single person really has when they’re in a conversation to buy something?  Yet, these two needs are so often overlooked.