Time vs Money

How fast your customer makes the decision to buy really matters – but not in the way that many people think …

There is always a conversation in the sales world about the speed to conversion.

The faster you can get your customer to buy …

The fewer resources you use in the process of selling …

It’s a time versus money argument.

But that isn’t the real reason the timeframe to conversion matters. The customer just doesn’t care about your time to money argument.

The reason we want the customer to move to the decision quickly is because every delay reinforces their procrastination and that doesn’t serve them.

Urgency is fake or natural.

When the sales person creates urgency through scarcity it’s a fake urgency … and these days customers can see right through that.

Scarcity also only works if you’re the only person selling what you do.

Product scarcity is not real in today’s market as there are often many choices available to the customer.

When the urgency is created because the customer has a real need – and they see a real solution they can be certain about – then accessing that solution immediately becomes urgent.

This is natural urgency – it is the customer’s urgency.

Their deep need + your guarantee + their certainty = natural urgency.