I’m sitting in Atlanta Airport, home of Delta Airlines, looking at the extraordinarily busy, but purposeful, movement of vehicles, equipment and planes, and a thought hit me …

How can so many industries have such highly-efficient, logistics systems and, at the same time, so often leave their customers less than impressed in the sales and service end of the value chain.

Why is that?  

What is the variable that causes this shift of effectiveness and efficiency?

Well, of course, the variable is that they are not moving equipment, materials and vehicles around – instead they are moving people through a process and people think and feel – materials and equipment don’t.

When we explain something to another person, we usually just use words and that leaves so much of the thinking and feeling aspects of the communication unspoken.

If we could create blueprints for the brain, to guide complex communication, in much the same way that logistics uses blueprints for the coordination of complex activity, we could change everything about how we share meaning.

Visual models are those blueprints for the brain.

They create a level of transparency that drives trust and believability.

Where could you use models to elevate your customer interactions?