Genuine Stetson

What do JR Ewing and a boy born and raised in small, country West Australian towns have in common?  And it’s not that we both wear a genuine Stetson hat like a boss!

We both experienced the entrepreneurial spirit alive and kicking in Dallas.

JR was at the heart of the oil industry (at least on TV!), and for the past two days I’ve been here working with terrific business people, from across the United States, who congregated in Dallas to raise the game in their businesses.

What were some of the principles we collectively shared cover the two days?

In the hands of the right leaders, free enterprise is one of the most powerful forces for good on the planet.

Business can deliver to the community in ways that governments can’t.  

It can operate at a level of efficiency that cannot be achieved without a profit driver.

Businesses live in, and are a part of, the community and they win or lose based on how well they serve.  They’re not there to administer, they’re there to deliver.

To be successful, a business must sell and it must sell well.  The only way it can serve is if it sells.

When a business is held in the hands of the right leaders, selling should become the most honourable thing the business does.

How honourable is your selling?