The high-pressure, gift-of-the-gab sales tactics of the past have taught customers to mistrust when they are buying a high-price, complex product or service. 


The challenge is to overcome this mistrust in order to get to the deeply profound value conversation … 


Trust is key to getting the customer to allow you to get to their core needs, wants, fears and frustrations, but what is the currency of trust?


We are suspicious when we believe there is something hidden that we think might cause us hurt or harm.


This shows up as fear of the dark, anxiety about an uncertain future and concerns about being conned.


The common characteristic is the unknown or the deliberately withheld.


To trust openly in the promise of a complex product or service, the customer must feel as though everything is out in the open.


This openness in the sales process equates to transparency.


Transparency is the currency of trust in the complex sale.


How can a complex product or service be explained in an engaging and transparent way?


With a well designed, psychologically powerful visual model, ANYONE is able to not only explain value but also SHOW the value …


Without any pressure!


How transparent is your sales process?