See The Value?

High-level business leaders and wildly successful sales people are obsessed with one thing …

They all want to know “How do I get them to see the value?” and what they mean is when they’ve got a message to communicate that has a level of complexity about it, whether it’s a message to the team or talking to a customer, how do they get them to see underneath the complexity and spot the value … and the key word here is SEE!

We communicate verbally in most of our interactions and so everyone is doing their own verbal to visual translation in their brain.

We need to use a visual medium so we can translate it for them.

We create visual models – a framework that’s a blueprint for the brain that gives people visual aspects to a complex idea and a structural framework that they can use to understand it.

And there’s a principle in this which is critical.

We call it The Principle of Simple Reduction … taking a complex idea and reducing it to a model that is as simple as it can possibly be, without breaking the idea or the concept.

When we do that, people can easily absorb the idea – it becomes noticeable, understandable and memorable … and then it also becomes buyable.

What do you use to make complex ideas simple?  I’d love to know.